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Motivational Christian Books

La'Tivia Elizabeth is proud to create Christian books for people from all walks of life through GIRLY With No Apologies. She also offers editing services right from her location in Tallahassee, Florida. Request her proofreading or public speaking for any venue that appreciates a God-inspired approach to self-improvement.

Daily Devotional Books

After her highly praised debut Truth Be Told in High Dosage, La'Tivia Elizabeth followed up with a second devotional, Strong Immune Spirit. Each devotional is designed to comfort you while providing insight and encouragement during your 30-day journey.

If you are on a path of rebuilding or searching for your purpose in life, both books will suit your very need. Truth be Told in High Dosage and Strong Immune Spirit publications are available via Paperback ($10.00), and Kindle™ or Nook™ ($4.99).

Editing Services

When you are in the process of publishing your work, revision and precision is everything. That's why La'Tivia offers sound grammatical and formatting checks. Have complete assurance that your publication is free from grammatical errors; allow the integrity of your work to shine through with the absence of hiccups. Contact La'Tivia Elizabeth today for a free consultation.