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An Inspiring Public Speaker

As a public speaker, La'Tivia Elizabeth knew all of the good she could do with GIRLY With No Apologies. She uses her gift of charisma in venues across Tallahassee, Florida, where she has been a keynote speaker on several topics. If you are looking to transform into a better you, La'Tivia is here to show you how. Whether you want to realize a deep, personal transformation or simply throw a Mary Kay cosmetics party for a new look, your options are wide open.


Motivational Speaking Services

La'Tivia Elizabeth is passionate toward girls and women of all ages and demographics, and she is equipped to guide you to a more intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. Church groups and school organizations appreciate how her books and speeches invigorate women and girls alike; especially those battling a lack of self-estem or encountering difficulty seeing a brighter future. La'Tivia, through the guidance of God, provides the Windex to a foggy vision.

La'Tivia has great confidence you will walk away with a changed mindset, motivated to operate in your purpose, and a strong desire to assist others to do the same - trailblazing fire is what she calls it. Indeed, a large part of bettering others only emerges after your own transformation. You must be able to notice and identify, in others, the struggles you've previously faced and empathize with individuals who are fighting the same fight you've overcome. Those interested in booking a speaking engagement can call for pricing details.